On Blogs

The difficulty with blogging as a promotional tool for illustrators is that when things are busy there is seldom time to think about updating a blog. As things begin to slow down most of the work that has been keeping you busy isn't yet published so can't be shared, and as it becomes available to share you're (hopefully) back into a busy period.

That, along with taking time out to plan a wedding and get married, has been my life for the last little while. I've just updated my main portfolio with a few pieces for WIRED, and the Children's book section with illustrations from Who Are Serena and Venus Williams.

I'm currently busy working up interior illustrations for a biography of Pelé for Penguin Random House, and I've been making plans on how to build my local creative community through Drink and Draw (see previous blog post) and other activities.

I've also been using an iPad Pro and Astropad for the last little while, heres a drawing of a character from Destiny I did to practice with the iPad. I find it so much easier to work digitally with colour when I'm drawing 'directly' onto the image.

I am still alive, I am still here covered in ink. Keep an eye on what I'm up to ever so slightly more frequently on my Instagram: